Sunday, 11 May 2014

Destination Star Trek 3.... And 2 more cons to add to the list.

Last year i had a little list of cons i was planning on going to this year. 

London Super Comic Con
15-16 March 2014 - ExCeL London

MCM London Comic Con ( Expo )
23-25 May 2014 - ExCeL London

London Film and comic Con ( Summer )
11-13 July 2014 - Earls Court 

London Film and Comic Con ( Winter )
4-5 October 2014 - Olympia London
New dates and location
18-19 October 2014 - Earls Court

Not a bad list at all and all good cons. But i have Three more to add to the List

Hyper Japan
25-27 July 2014 - Earls Court

GEX London
25-28 September 2014 - Earls Court

Destination Star Trek 3 ( DST ) 
3-5 October 2014 - ExCel London

I mentioned that i attended the first DST in the Star Trek and Kickstarter post from April. DST 2 was in Germany and now DST is back in the UK so i am really looking forward to it. Listening to different Trek podcast The people behind DST have stated that they have learnt from the mistakes of the DST London and DST 2 Germany was a much better convention. This is a good sign and i am hoping that the next DST will be amazing. 

With three more cons added to the list that brings the total up to seven cons. 2014 has turned out to be a very busy year... But the STD is a traveling convention so i will only be going to it when it's in London. So 2015 may not be as hectic. But if i start looking at cons outside of London then things could get very busy very quickly. 

Here are the links to the new cons i will be going to. Have a look and let me know if your planning on going to any of the cons.  

EGX London was the Eurogamer con

Hyper Japan

Star Trek Destination

A good page for UK conventions