Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Darth Vader and other stuff...

Back to work after a long Christmas break and it feels like i have just as much if not less energy than i had before i went on holiday. Maybe three weeks was to long but it was my first Christmas off in TEN years so i'm not going to complain to much. But it's only my second week back... Not good. 
I did some gaming and i started watching Fringe... i love this show but it did end up eating up most of my final week as i marathoned it... So my holiday was not a total loss then.

OK So Darth Vader. I did start to do a few bits not a lot but it's a start and hopefully thing will progress faster in the coming weeks. But once all the work is done i am sure it will be great and i know it's not 100% screen accurate. But you know what... I am not going for that maybe later in a few years but for now i'm trying to do the Darth Vader i remember!!! OK let me explain. I remember Vader as a kind of idealized version an amalgamation of movie/toy's/comic. So when i was a kid back in the 1980's That's how i saw Vader and that is what i am trying to do with this costume or cosplay or what ever you call it... I just hope i don't lose a finger or two while doing this...

So i dusted the armour and and started to see what needed doing. I began with removing the speaker and batteries pack the chain and the shoulder bells. This was a lot harder than i had first thought. The screws were not the best and a couple broke while i was removing the bells. 

I had the bright idea of wanting to a chain hook on the armour so i found a picture hook... This will ether work or fail epicly... But lets be positive... 
I also need to decide if the new chain is attached to the cape or is part of the chest armour like the orginal chain was before i removed it.

On to the shoulder bells 

I drew and cut out a rough template of the shape i want the bells. Now this is done Cutting and shaping should not take to long. Once all that is done that will leave priming and painting. I want the chest to be a gloss black and grey with the bells being gloss black. Speaking of cutting I now have a chance to use this.

So till next time hopefully I will have more to say or have done more work. But even with baby steps i'm getting there. Slow and steady wins the race after all.... or so they say.