Sunday, 9 August 2015

Darth Vader Helmet Project part Three: One step closer to being complete.

Darth Vader moves one step closer to being complete. Things are moving forward i spent most of Saturday in the garden enjoying the sun and working on the Helmet. I Think i made some good progress and i don't think there is much left to do. 

I got out the Sandpaper (dry & wet 800 and 1500 grit paper), Automotive filler, Scrappers,  Rubber gloves, Paper towel and some water 

I started with cleaning and then moved on to sanding and filingthe rough spots left over from when i cut out the parts around the eyes. I was very surprised with how much it changes the look of the face once it was done

Once both eyes were sanded down a cleaned i decided to do a little work on the Nose. I never liked the way Rubies did the bridge of  the nose. The groves were never deep enough and looked very gummy. I can't do to much as i don't have the skill but i did file the groves so they become deeper and helps with the overall definition of the face. I am hoping once it is painted and the dome is on the roughness is hidden or at least not as noticeable.... well fingers crossed....

with this done i turned to the dome... Back in 2008 or 2009 i went to the London Expo and as i was leaving i dropped my Dome and it skidded along the pavement. This resulted in a few minor scratches on the top. 

With this now sanded and filed i cleaned everything again and started to prep for the filler.
I filled in the small scratches on top of the dome. Then started on the eyes. This was a little bit harder as i wanted to remold the eye sockets where i had taken to much plastic off or made deep groves, when i cut away the parts the held the old lenses in place. Once all this had been filled in i left it to dry. 

once i had finished and i had used all my filler and left everything to dry. Then i realized that i had missed a spot.

After an hour or two.... This was suppose to be dry in 20 minutes automotive filler!!! don't know what happened but it over an hour none the less....
I started to cut away and sand down all the filler. This was quicker than i thought but i do need to go back and add a little filler behind the nose and on the dome and finish off the eye sockets. That wont take long and i will hopefully have that done in the next couple of weeks.

Once i get some more filler i can finish off the helmet and then make a start on finishing off the shoulder bells. They have been cut and now in to be sanded and filling done. Once that is done then i guess everything will be ready for the next phase of the costume. That will be attching a lift t the top of the face mask to make the dome sit a little higher. Then i might find a way to drill a then nut and bolt the dome to the face mask. Then i can move on to priming and then painting. But that is for the future. 
If you have any suggestions, comments or ideas then let me know. 





Sunday, 2 August 2015

Mecha Month is just around the corner..... YAY....

It's August and that means we are only a few short months away from Mecha Month 2015... 
As you will remember 2014 Mecha Month was pretty good with some great shows.

Robotech (...all three seasons...)
Robotech The Shadow Chronicles 
Star Fleet (...Xbomber...)
Gurren Lagann (...I hope this is out in Blu-ray by then...)
RahXephon The Movie
GunBuster The Movie
Die Buster The Movie

Not bad at all. A good month. So now i must start to think about this years month. What to watch be it TV, OVA's or Movies.... But i was thinking about a theme for this years month of Mecha. And the theme for 2015 is Comedy... Yep comedy. So with that said i started to go throught my DVD's and pulled out some really good ones to watch. So here is the list of anime for November.

Full Metal Panic. Season 01
Martian Successor Nadesico

 A Shorter list than last year but this time there is no movies or OVA's just TV shows. I would of watched the other Full Metal Panic seasons but the Fumoffu has no Mecha in it and Season 02 has no real comedy in it same goes for the Nadesico Movie. So they don't count for this years theme... 
What do you think. If you can name some Comedy Mecha Anime let me know in the comments below....

In other news, preparation for Star Wars Celebration 2016 are moving along quickly. Last week with the news that all the 3 day tickets are sold out i finally booked my hotel. That was a major pain as i was trying on and off for the last few months to book a hotel room around the Excel Center. But i was unable to, All was not lost got a room in a hotel a few stops away on the DLR ( Docklands Light Railway ) line and the station is a very short walk from the hotel, so not bad. Going to try really hard to do some work on the Varder Helmet or Chest Armour next weekend.