Sunday, 10 April 2016

Darth Vader, Rouge One and a Retro Gaming Market

Star Wars Celebration is fast approaching and with roughly less than 100 days to go I still have a lot of work to do. Things are moving in the right direction but i am facing some parts of the build that I am very nervous about. This being the painting.... 
I have some ideas but i really don't want to screw that up. Nothing worse than a poor paint job after all the hard work that has gone in to this project. I have gone ahead and brought the two upgrades that I wanted. 

The Red Lenses look a little bright but I am hoping that once they are in the face mask with the with the mesh behind they will look darker (well fingers crossed anyway!).   

The month and chin grill and mesh look great and I am happy with how they look in the helmet. Again remember I am not going for a screen accurate look from the Movies or the Rebels TV show. It is more an mix of all the Vader's from the movies/tv and from the 70/80's Marvel comic books. 
That was not all I got. I was luck enough to get my hands on this ....

The Neck Seal for the Helmet is very cool and will be awesome edtion to the Vader Armour. It is a kit so I will have to put it together soon. You can see the difference it makes to the costume when you see guys at a Con in full armour and are missing it. Now I understand that It is not the most essential 
 thing to have as the back of the neck is normally hidden by the back of the dome. But I have always wanted one. The last few bit I have done to the armour is the last bit of filling to the Chest Box and Face Mask. 

Now that this is done I can do the final sanding and then cut out a small amount of wood to act as a lift to the dome so it sits a little higher in the mask.  
 I have a plan to get the sanding done by the beginning of May and painting should be done around the last full week of May. 

On Thursday the Rouge One: A Star Wars Story trailer was released and if you have not seen then go watch it.

Rouge One looks amazing. It looks and feels like the 1977 Star Wars and that is a good thing. It will be the icing on the cake of 2016.

July - Star Wars Celebration
September-ish -  Rebels Season 3
December - Rouge One.

So that covers the Star Wars stuff....

Last Sunday was the London Retro Gaming Market once again held at the Royal National Hotel. This was a lot better than the last one in February. This was mostly due to the fact that I got there a little late. I had hoped to get there at 11:00 when the doors open but ended getting there at around 12:30/13:00. The good thing was this meant that there was less people there and I was able to have a good look around. I picked up a few games that I was happy to get. So next time I will have to go there at the same time. 

And that was everything that has been happening. Hopefully I can do some more work on the armour over the coming weekend and once I have done that i will update here.