Sunday, 14 December 2014

Star Wars, Conventions and Christmas is just around the corner....

Just a little update.

So by now i think everyone would of seen the Star Wars Awakens teaser trailer. And if not 
Got to say it may only be a teaser trailer but what we got was fantastic. It was a lot of rough shots with very little in the backgrounds but there is still plenty of time to fill out the worlds but the overall feeling i got was. Back to Basics. They had real sets and the Stormtroopers were guys in armour. Not like the CGI Clonetroopers from Episode I-III. It looked like you could touch it and i have high hopes for this. Now it should be obverse that i am a Star Trek fan and i really liked the 2009 Star Trek movies that was done by JJ Abrams. For really the same reason i like this teaser... Real sets and what could be done on screen was done on set. And that is what i think was missing from the prequel trilogy. It felt to clean and unreal. So for the moment until i see the full trailer i have high hopes and think things will turn out for the better.  

But the trailer did make me think about my Vader armour. I was originally going to do the chest armour them move on to the helmet.... This was not a good idea, reading online i realized that if i paint the chest armour now then six months later paint the helmet the paint will not match due to different batch's of paint and variances in the mix. So to avoid all the hassel i will paint the all armour at the same time. This means i really need to start thinking of what and how i am going to do my helmet. I will probably do a post next week with my ideas on how i will do what i want. But just remember i am not going for Movie Accurate 501st quality. It's more a case of how i remembered Darth Vader or the picture i have in my head if i think about Vader. 
Why can't things ever be easy... 
But that's half the fun of things like this right... learning new things... riiiiiiight!!! 

Ok so now to the Cons of 2015... 
First up will be the London Super Comic Con (.LSCC.) on March 14-15th. At the Excel Center.
Secondly there's the London Comic Con (. MCM Expo.) on May 22-24th  At the Excel Center.
And then London Film and Comic Con (.LFCC.) 17-19th July at Olympia   
There will be more but so far this should be all for the first half of 2015.
But i am very tempted to get Jeremy Bulloch Costume Photo ticket. A photo with Fett in the Fett Costume... Hmmm something to think about. I think i know what i will be doing a the LFCC.

And finally Christmas is just two weeks away and 2015 is looking like a great year to be a Geek! With Star Wars, Marvel Movies and a whole host of things coming our way. There is a lot to look forward to.