Wednesday, 12 February 2014

London Film and Comic Con 2014 and some random stuff.

There really is not a lot happening at the moment. 

The weather has sucked over the last few weeks and now i have come down with MAN flu. So what does that mean for the Vader Armour... unfortunately things have grinned to a halt, but all is not lost there is still time before the cons and where there is time there will always be hope. I have been looking at stills from the movies and looking at images on google so i think i am heading in the right direction with this armour project.
But being unable to focus on the Darth Vader i have been able to spend a little time playing a few games on the PS3 and looking at kickstarter. Now i have backed a few projects 

Mighty No9 
Shantee Half-Genie Hero 
Project Nimbus

Kung Fury 
Bubblegum Crisis Ultimate Edition Blu-ray Set

I am looking forward to the Bubblegum and Kung Fury Blu-rays But it's the games that have really got me itching to hold a control pad. These will be on Steam. I have Steam and i look at it a lot but i have not got anything from it. I have not played a PC game since 2006. But before that i was a heavy PC gamer i started in 1996 with games like Wing Commander 3-5, Blood 2 The Chosen, Thief The Dark Age and a load of Star Trek and Star Wars games. But after about 2007 i just stopped playing and just went into console gaming. So who knows maybe these will bring me back in to the PC Master Race... Only joking. 

Also in other news my Tickets for the London Film and Comic Con can. So once i get my photo taken with Stan the man Lee i will post it here.... and twitter... and facebook... and google+.... and anywhere else i can think of as well. There is not much other news I would of liked to of written more but there's just not much happening at the moment apart from the London Super Comic Con next month. But more on that later well once i've been to it. So that's it for this post short and not to the point but what can i do... slow news week!