Sunday, 13 March 2016

Darth Vader, Star Trek and Two Cons.

So i missed all of February I do need to say sorry about that, I was ill for some of it and really busy for the rest of it. But lets get down to the important stuff. In February we had the London Super Comic Con (LSCC) and then two weeks later the London Film and Comic Con Spring (LFCC). Two Cons in one month and just after Christmas... Most people don't have the spare cash around this time of year. (I know i sure don't). So having two cons was a bit much.

London Super Comic Con
Once again the LSCC was held at the ExCel Center. I always liked the LSCC as it was no where near as full and over crowded as the London Expo but this time round it felt like there was nobody around. I was surprised at how few dealers had turned up and the talks just didn't seem very interesting this year. It was a petty but i do think that with it being so early in the year that it does have an negative effect on the Con. Also I found it odd that EVERY dealer or what it felt like EVERY dealer there was selling Funko POP figures and not just a couple but the majority of the stuff there at the con was Funko Pops. Tables and tables of them..... Soon the LSCC will be a Funko POP convention. Now don't get me wrong i like Pops as much as the next guy and I own a few myself but this was crazy.
It also didn't help with having two other trade shows on at the same time. A Baby show ( Can't remember the name of it) and The London Classic Car show. This all meant that the ExCel Center was very busy and it was amusing to see all the people attending the  other two shows reactions to all the cosplayers and geeks. This meant that there was less space so the LSCC felt a little small this time round. But an enjoyable day none the less. And i of course i will be going next year.  

London Film and Comic Con
This was the first Spring convention for the LFCC. This was because they were unable to hold the Winter LFCC in 2015 so it was moved a few months to 2016. And this was a odd Con. Again not a massive turn out and i put that down to it being so early in the year. But it was more than that, There was The National Wedding Show there at the same time and i got the feeling of being pushed to one side and kept out of the way. We entered by a side door in to an open and empty hall. Me and my friend did get there late but only by 30 minuets so there should of been a queue??? But nope we walked in and straight to the door of the Con and we were disappointed with what we saw. There was not many people there and not many dealers as we walked round it felt like half a Con or we were missing something. Every So often we would over hear people say something about seeing stuff that was not in the same place we were. We didn't think anything of it and went to lunch. came back walked round again and decided to go to the toilet before we left. We couldn't find it so we asked and was told they had them upstairs. So we went up the stairs and as we turned the corner a WHOLE OTHER FLOOR! of the Con opened up...... We had no idea it was here. There was nothing posted saying to go upstairs for more. It was a lot better than I am making it out to be and i did have fun there and i am looking forward to he Summer Con.

So that was the first two Cons of the year. Not the best start to the year but the main event is happening in July with Star Wars Celebration Europe. Which brings me to the Destination Star Trek London 3. I really wanted to go to this but with the Star Wars Celebration Europe i am unable to go. Also unlike the last two this one is going to be held at the Birmingham NEC. If it was held at the ExCel Center in London like last two i would of gone but if it's in Birmingham then i would need to book a hotel and i can't afford two Cons with hotels in one year. I will try to go to the next one though. But if you are going let me know in the comments below.

Now on to Darth Vader. I have gotten quite far with it and am very near it being ready for painting. i am off work for the Easter Long weekend so i am hoping to get a lot of work done on the helmet and chest box.