Sunday, 24 August 2014

August... Not a good month... With even less happening.

Lets not beat around the bush and get straight to the point... I have done very little to next to nothing since the last post. There have been some MASSIVE changes going on at work so things have been nuts for me doing loads and loads of overtime and because of this i have had no time to really do anything apart from work, eat and sleep.
"But wait weren't you on holiday in August". I hear you cry.
 Well yes i was or am... 
At the time of writing this i am still on my holidays. and i have done very little apart from rest and sleep... I am annoyed at myself as i really wanted to do something for my One Year Anniversary that was on the 12th but then that flew by and next thing i knew it was past and i had missed it.  So moving forward i will try harder to commit to something and the follow it through. and with that i am looking to the future and that means MECHA MONTH!!!!

Yes Mecha Month. This November i am planning to do some little extra things through out the month. This will involve some Gundam kits and a few other bits i'm working on. It is still in the early stages so more on that soon. But i will say XBOMBER!!!

So that was my post short and with very little to say. i am really hoping that then next post will be better. It has to be because this is one of the worst posts i have ever done.