Sunday, 17 April 2016

Clone Commando Helmet part 01

Before I start painting the Darth Vader armour I want to have a look around and see if i could find a local car painting place that might be able to help paint the helmet. No I will admit i did not look overly hard but I did look and could not find any place local to me. So thinking about what to do I decide to just go for it and paint it myself......
Small problem though I have never done something like this so i needed to do a test. Not something as simple as paint a small bit of wood or anything but i wanted to do a proper test. After all i learn more from doing than reading about it in a book.
A few years ago i brought a fan made Clone Commando helmet from ebay. It was a mat white not a nice shiny white like I had hoped. But it looked good on the shelf. The idea of repainting the helmet has crossed my mind on a few occasions but never had the opportunity to go ahead and paint it untill now.
On Thursday i popped in to Halfords on the way home and picked up some paint. 
Grey Primer
Gloss Black
Clear Lacquer

I decided that once the weather was go enough I would go out and prime the helmet. But first there was a little filling that needed doing.

There was a small gap where the little light is so that was filled and I knew I had to cover bulb before i painted anything. I tried everything i could think of. I eventually thought to use wax. I lit a candle and waited a few minutes then place some hot wax over the bulb using a cotton bud then waited till Saturday. The thinking behind the wax is that it would be easy to take off once the helmet is fully painted. Well i hope it is. 

Saturday came and the weather cleared up the sun came out and I started priming. I will painting this over the course of two weekends. This weekend priming next Saturday painting the Red then Sunday the Black. That's the plan anyway and depending on what time i get home from work I might try and do something during the week and get this done quicker.

All primed and ready for painting. An updated will be done once I have finished the first colour. This should take 3 steps nothing to complicated.