Saturday, 11 June 2016

Darth Vader is getting closer to being finished YAY!!!

With five weeks or so left till Star Wars Celebration I need this Darth Vader armour finished asap. and in the last seven days i have made a lot of progress. The bulk of the armour was primed and that was written about in my last post but I was not happy with how the primer had dried after a couple of days. I think I was to impatient and rushed the job. Also I was using a different primer and the more I looked at it it just didn't look right. And I just had to go back and sand the eye holes in the mask. So I had a friend come over and spent the day in the garden working on the armour. 

With the clean up and sanding done it was time to re-prime. Priming this time was not to bad after all they were primed already. So I had to give them two coats and all was good. Things are falling in to place. 

With that done I left it to dry for a few days. This gave me the time to start working on the  Neck Seal. I have not worked with resin before so this is something new. Doing this costume has taught me a lot and I am not sure what i will do next. But getting back on track. The neck seal was something I always wanted for the helmet. I don't know what it was but the helmet was just missing something. Then a year or two ago i realized that it was the back of the helmet that was missing. And So i spent the next couple of years looking for one. I would bid for one on ebay and get out bidded or find an online seller selling on but by the time I would go to buy it... they would be sold out. Then one day this year I saw one from a UK online seller and I ordered it. It was delivered a few day later. Jump to now and I finally start working on it.

The neck seal is nearly finished and just need a few bit doing to it. I decided to leave it for next week as I wanted to paint the armour gloss black. 

This all went great but i did run out of paint for the dome. Not a big deal I will pick some more up after work on Monday. Once the black is done I will then move on to the gun metal coat. Then it will be time to move on to painting and putting the chest box back together and I have asked a friend to give me a hand with installing a couple of fans in the helmet. Hopefully I will have more to report in the next week or two.