Sunday, 26 June 2016

Star Wars Celebration Europe and Darth Vader update.

Threes weeks to go till Star Wars Celebration Europe III.... 
And i am getting a little worried about the convention. I mean the show floor is looking like it will be good. I am looking forward to seeing artist alley and there will be costumes and props from Rouge One there and I am really looking forward to that. But in the last few weeks Celebration have been releasing guest lists, prices for photos and talks on the main stages. I have to say I am very disappointed at the moment, I must say that the guest list is some what lacking in star power. Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill and Peter Mayhew will be there but no one... I repeat NO ONE from The Force Awakens nor Rouge One will be there and as for the rest of the guests... They are the same people that go to The London Film and Comic Con most years and some of them will be there a few weeks later for the LFCC 2016 con... Considering that the films are now being filmed in England and the fact that the studio is not far from London there is no reason for there not to be any of the new cast to not come. We don't even need all of them but there should of been some. I just hope they do not turn up to next years con in the US. If they do then that will be a BIG F**K YOU to us European fans. But with three weeks to go I am hoping that they will announce new guests.... fingers crossed. If not this is looking like an armature production. Also the price for Mark Hamill is £145... That's nearly $200 USD.... What the hell is that I was excepting £60 or maybe £70 something similar to what was being charged for the MAIN CAST of Star Trek. I had a Photo with the cast of Star Trek The Next Generation and it only cost just over £200!!!! and that was with NINE actors. And with Destination Star Trek back in the UK for the 50th anniversary in October.... Maybe I should of brought tickets to that con instead... 

So with that little rant out of the way lets move on the the Darth Vader Amour. Now a lot of progress has been made and I am nearly finished. I have a little bit of work to do with the jump suite and that should only really be an afternoon worth of work. I am hopping to get some fan installed ion to the helmet and the dome repainted by the 3rd of July. That gives me just over a week and a half to get the whole thing finalized before leaving for the hotel on the 14th.
So how far am I, what has been done?

The chest book is painted and just needs to be strapped and the neck seal is complete. I just need to figure out a way to attache it to the helmet. Something I am going to have to think long and hard about. I then moved on to the chest armour and helmet. 

The mask and chest armour is finished. I am not going to do anymore painting. Unfortunately I dropped the dome and the paint was messed up. I have now re sanded it and am going to get some primer and more black paint and paint it one last time. I can not believe I did that. but not to fair there is still time to fix anything i screw up....
Early last week my new Darth Vader ep IV gloves came and they are amazing. I might have made a little mistake with the measurements but if i put some cotton wool in the finger tips everything will be fine. 

The last thing I did since the last post was to put the tusks. mouth grill and install the new lenses into the mask. while doing this I cut my thumb... That was just STUPID of me. I had blood go everywhere and it hurt like hell. So i have now Bled for my Cosplay. 

It still hurts now. Anyway the pain and blood was worth it as the mask looks great. 

I am very happy with how this is coming together and look forward to show you the final costume. 
And that's everything so far. Nearly done and I can not believe it. I started this way back in early 2015 and it had taken nearly a year and a half to finish. This has been a fun project but I will be happy once it's over. Who knows I might wear it at work for Halloween.
Leave a comment below if you are going to Star Wars Celebration on what you think about the guest list and some of the prices they are charging I would like to know your thoughts on it.