Sunday, 7 September 2014

Mecha Month is fast approaching....

It's that time of year again when i need to start thinking about what to watch for Mecha Month. Last year was a good year with some excellent shows and movies being watched. For a recap here's the list of last years Mecha Month and check out the post for November 2013. 

Patlabor ova
Patlabor Movie 1&2
Shin Getter Robo ova
Getter Robo Armageddon ova
Mazinkizer ova
King of Braves GaoGaiGar T.V show
Voltron Fleet of Doom Movie.
Transformers 1986 Movie
Macross: Do You Remember Love Movie. 
Pacific Rim

So I have been thinking about this years month. What to watch, what to read and what to build. So far and this is by no means a completed and finalized list. I have chosen to look at.

Robotech (...all three seasons...)
Robotech The Shadow Chronicles 
Star Fleet (...Xbomber...)
Gurren Lagann (...I hope this is out in Blu-ray by then...)
RahXephon The Movie
GunBuster The Movie
Die Buster The Movie

I am ok with the list though i might do some refining i am not 100% with the movies but with the time i have left i could swap out some and replaced them with something else. Hell i could scrap the whole thing and go for a bunch of Mecha Comedies.... Not seen Dai-Guard or Godannar for a few years.... 
Woooh i now have an idea for 2015 Mecha Month. 
But as of this moment in time that are the animes i am planning on watching through out November. The only thing that is not changing is Star Fleet. That is set in stone as i am hoping to get my Dynamite Action! No12 Xbomber Big Dai X figure in time of Mecha Month.

Also apart from watch all that anime i took advantage of the sale that had on over the summer. I got some model kits to build while i was watching the tv. 


So I don't know really how i will do this i keep saying i could do a few youtube videos so i could film some of them being built. I have no ideas... But i do want to do something.... So any ideas leave them in the comments.

And that is where i am with Mecha Month. Nearer October i should be all finished and have everything set in stone. Once that is done i will post here again.