Monday, 7 October 2013

LFCC: Flash Gordon to Return of the Jedi an EPIC DAY!!!

Saturday the 5th of October. What can i say.... It was a good day a great day in fact. It started with the Winter London Film and Comic Con which for what it was was disappointing. I mean there was not much there and  hardly any anime and nothing of real interest for me to buy tho i did get a pair of cushions.

Ok i Know what your thinking because i thought the same thing. Why would i get those. Well the honest answer is that i had the curtains of these when i was a kid back in the early 80's. So i had to have them. But the reason i when to the LFCC was to meet Sam Jones and the Legend that is Brian Blessed

The Legend that is Brian Blessed

Sam Jones

I have to say both men are real gentlemen and were very kind even taken a moment to say hello and a few words. I've been to some con's and had photos taken and you didn't even get a chance to say "hi" let alone shake the actors hand. So that was nice but like i said above it was disappointing even the guest talks were not really of interest to me. I think this is mainly down to the lack of BIG name actors in the UK we tend to have a lot of the bit-part actors go to these and the con's are no where near as big as in the USA,


After the LFCC i headed in to London to go to the Prince Charles Cinema in London for the one off limited to 280 seats screening of Return of the Jedi.  Now if your a Geek/Nerd then you go to the Shops so i had a few hours before the screening so i went to the Forbidden Planet then over to Orbital in Leicester Square i had a look around saw a few things but held off spending all my money. Then headed to the cinema. Went through China Town and outside the cinema were a group of Storm troopers and Lord Vader which was great any chance to see the 501st is always cool. 

When we finally went in we got our seats and The Troops came out once more And then we were given a brief introduction where we were told it was not the 1983 movie but the 1997 one but i think it might of been the 2006 version which was met with boo's from the crowd. Apart from that there was a buzz in the cinema as if there was something special about to happen.  

Everyone had a good time the crowd booed, cheered and even the Ewoks got some laughs. It is great to see these film on the big screen and i left with a massive grin on my face.  
I will have to go back there next time they show i film that i have to see on the big screen. Even the fact that i missed my stop on the train could get me down i was that happy. I know they are showing Flash Gordon in November so i guess i will be going to that and its the same day as the London Comic Mart so i guess it's another day out for me.

OH Before i Forget...

Can someone tell me why there is a random bronze statute of Charlie Chaplin outside a cinema in a corner of China Town.?