Friday, 18 October 2013

Darth Vader, London MCM Expo, more Flash Gordon and other stuff. It must be time for a little update.

As the title suggests this is a update on a few things that i have going on or coming up over the next couple of weeks. 

So as for the Darth Vader armour. I have picked up a dremel tool and some cutting bits. this will be a great help in cutting the shoulder bells to a shape i will be happy with. The current shape makes the upper body to broad and i never liked it. I also got a new chain for the cloak. 

 Now i just need some time to start work on the the amour. I was hoping to have it ready for the London Expo but i have a long long way to go. i still need to repaint the armour parts add leather to the neck line of the cloak. So hopefully it will be ready early next year. But i will be updating this blog along the way.

The London MCM Expo is on next (25-27/10/2013) weekend i have my tickets booked and looking forward to seeing a lot of  cool cosplay and trying to pick up a few bits from the dealer room. It should be a good day out and i have a black T-shirt with a red superman shield on it so i could try to cosplay as Conner Kent. But i don't know yet. Speaking of cosplay i found an old issue of Starlog from 1989 that has a very interesting look at fan costumes but I will go into that in a later post.  

And now more Flash Gordon news... 
I and a few friends have got tickets to a screen of Flash Gordon at the Prince Charles Cinema on the 03/11/13. 

This should be really good. I have never seen this film on the big screen and i can't wait to see it. Also on the same day is the London Comic Mart at the Royal National Hotel. This is a thing I've been going to since 1995 back then it was at the TUC (Trade Union Center) in London. Doors open at 12 noon and it has free entry. Its not a con or anything on that scale but it's something to do before heading off to see Flash Gordon. 

And finally...

November is a special time of year as it's my  unofficial well there is no official MECHA MONTH!!! Yes a month long Mecha fiesta. For those that don't know Mech is a term for Giant Robots or other robo anime or cartoons from Japan. I have a few ideas on what to watch but i have not finalized my list just yet. But it will be Glorious, Heart Pounding and EPIC in all the right mecha ways. Guess it's time to start using my twitter account in November then.