Wednesday, 30 October 2013

MECHA MONTH is nearly upon us!!!! Update time once again.

Well it's nearly November and I have decided on what to watch for Mecha Month. So that means it's time for a little update!!!

Let me start with what mecha is. It pretty much means mechanical so that covers everything from Power Suites and vehicles to Giant Robots. Though to the vast majority of anime fans it means GIANT ROBTOS. Sorry Neon Genesis Evangelion does not count as they are not Robots/Mechanical in nature their Biological. But that is a rant for another time... 

Last year I spent most of the month well that should be all the month watching Gundam. I tried to keep within the original UC 0079 Timeline.

0079 movie trilogy,
MS 08th Team,
Zeta Gundam
Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory
and ending with
Chars Counter Attack
Gundan F91

I didn't want to start going into the alternative timelines with shows like Gundam Wing, G Gundam or After War Gundam X. 

So this year I didn't want to go down the road of another all Gundam month. Which would be fairly easy as there is just so much of it. So I picked a cross selection of animes. From the Real Robot to the Super Robot.

Patlabor ova
Patlabor Movie 1&2
Shin Getter Robo ova
Getter Robo Armageddon ova
Mazinkizer ova
King of Braves GaoGaiGar T.V show
Voltron Fleet of Doom Movie.
Transformers 1986 Movie
Macross: Do You Remember Love Movie.
And if I have time I might try to squeeze in the two Gurren Lagann movies.

As you can see I went for shorter shows with mostly OVA's (Original Video Animation) and a couple of movies. As for T.V shows I went for a 50 episode show that I have had sitting on my shelf but have never sat down and watch all the way through. That will change from next month. Now all I need to do is final away to get my hands on a copy of GaoGaiGar Final??? 

On a side note this coming Sunday the 3/11 is the London Comic Mart as well as the screening of Flash Gordon. Not a bad way to see in November I guess.