Saturday, 9 November 2013

Mecha Month Week ONE. Day 1-8. Transformers, Patlabor, Mazinkaiser and Getter Robo.. Oh and FLASH GORDON!!!

So That's week one of Mecha Month over with. I am going to try to keep this a weekly update on how the month is going. So at the end of each week a new post on what i have watched and so lets get started with Day One.

Day 1 Friday 1/11.)

I got home from work and went straight for Transformers 1986 animated movie. I love this movie it's very well animated and has an AWESOMELY EPIC soundtrack. And the 86 movie has some of the most quotable lines in any kids movie. I was riding the crest of a wave so i went for the Season 3 episodes Five Faces of Darkness parts 1-5 followed by Dark Awakening and ending with The Return of Optimus Prime parts 1&2 and just because it was one of the best animated episodes Call of the Primitives. So around 5 hours of Transformers goodness... A lot of this was helped by the fact i had finally gotten around to opening a few boxes...

Day 2-4 Saturday-Monday 2-4/11.)
Patlabor.... I love Patlabor its a OVA, TV show and 3 Movies about Giant Robots but it's not about Giant Robots. It is a Real Robot Show set in a future (1999) that i want to live in. The OVA and the first Movie are robot heavy with the second being a thriller in the vain of a Tom Clancy book. Think of the second film as a cross between Patriot Games meets Gundam.... 
Over the 3 days i watched the new Blu ray of the first OVA that i got at the Expo last month and the first two movies. The OVA is a great introduction and sets up the world and characters. The Blu Ray looks amazing and i hope we in the UK (MVM i'm looking at you) get the TV show on blu ray as well. 
The Movies were the new-ish remastered editions that came out a few years ago. They were done by Honneamise (which i think was Bandai Visual) They were remastered and redubbed. They look some much better than the old Manga Entertainment release form back in the 1990's. Though i can't help but miss the old dub. Some of the new voices just don't sound right to me. And Lets face it... It is one of the best designed Mecha ever.

Day 5-8 Tuesday-Friday 5-8/11.)
It may only be the fifth day of Mecha Month but it was day one of GO NAGAI MADNESS!!!!... This is a sub season within Mecha Month. It began with the 7 part OVA Mazinkaiser which is a follow up to Mazinger Z (I think... the timelines to these shows are all over the place) then it was on to the 3 part Mazinkaiser SKL. 
Mazinkaiser SKL... It's what you get if Dio and Man O War gave birth to a Giant Robot... Its Heavy Metal meets heavy metal's (sorry very very bad pun) 
That took me up to day 7 and for the last day of the week day 8 i started the Go Nagai/Ken Ishikawa's New GETTER ROBO Armageddon. 
The Getter Robo animes are among some of my favorites, from when i first saw Getter Robo G that was dubbed and released as Starvengers in the 1980's. (It was part of the Force Five cartoon in the west.)Both this and Mazinkaiser are Super Robot shows and you can tell they bring new meaning to the saying suspension of disbelief. I will talk more about it in Mecha Month week 2 post...

Ok and now Flash Gordon...

So i guess by now your getting tired of all the Flash Gordon news but this is the last one i promise . well for a while at lest... 

So on the Sunday me and two friends had tickets for a screening of Flash Gordon at the Prince Charles Cinema in London. Now you know i love this film and i have never seen it on the big screen and i am so happy i did. It was great. The picture was nice a clear and the surround sound was great. Queen at the top of their game. It looked so much better on a big screen Just epic... and How HOT was Princess Aura (Omella Muti) I'm gona say it now Give me Princess Aura over Princess Leia in a metal bikini any day of the week. 
The cinema was packed and everyone laughed when it was funny or when a classic quote was spoken. Though the dude sitting a few seats to the right of us was laughing at everything no matter what the hell was happening on screen???  
But a good time was had by all and just looking at the December program guide i have to say i maybe going back there a few times... Indy trilogy.... very tempting... Ghostbusters double bill.... My friend ask if i was a member of the cinema .. i guess i may need to become one.

So that is it for Week one. The only thing of interest i have up coming is a screening on the 23/11 of the 50th anniversary Dr Who episode The Day of the Doctor. Should be good and it's in 3D. It will be a nice day out with the family. In other news Star Wars episode VII is pushed back to a Christmas release in 2015. But i think i will be posting more about that stuff nearer Christmas at the moment it's all about Mecha Month.