Sunday, 24 November 2013

Week THREE of Mecha Month... and it has become very hard!!! Come on GAOGAIGAR!!!

So week three of Mecha Month came to an end and i am beginning to get all mechard out... I've hit a wall and now i'm in the middle of a rut but i have one week left so there is light at the end of this tunnel. I think it comes down to having to watch 10 discs of an anime that taking way to long time to go anywhere.

Day 16-17 Saturday - Sunday 16-17/11.)
Coming out of the high i was on with the end of GETTER ROBO i took the weekend to watch the EPIC, CRAZY and it will put hair on your chest cause you are a MAN... Gurren Lagann Movie 1&2. 
The first film is a straight retelling of the first 13 episodes of the now classic tv show. If you are going to watch anything i have mentioned then go find Gurren Lagann. It does not matter if its the 26 episode tv show or the 2 movies but you just need to see it. Trust me you will not be sorry. Where the first film feels very much like a clip show the second movie really delivers. It is a telling of the last 13 episodes but they have thrown in a lot of new animated stuff that was not in the tv show. This help to matte it a little more easier to understand as the ending is a little out there!!! (no where near as confusing as the Evangelion ending)  So go out there gather all the spiral energy you can and WATCH IT!!!

Day 18-22 Monday - Friday 18-22/11.)
So started the 10 day GAOGAIGAR marathon... these five day we spent watching the Season One boxset which has five dvd. It is a show that dates back to 1997 in Japan and was the Last of a series of shows call Brave hence the King Of Braves Gaogaigar title. The Brave series was a follow up/spiritual successor to the Transformers cartoon. When that ended in the late 80's Takara wanted another cartoon to boost toy sales but Hasbro didn't have one so Takara and Sunrise created its own show and with it a new toy line. I have often heard that the first half of the show was mediocre and it does not pick up till the second half of the show. Well so far that seems to be the case the first 25 episodes are very meh not bad or anything but at the same time not very good. i hope the next 25 episodes are better. My biggest complaint is that the story is not moving at a quick enough pace. Apart from that the animation is ok it's your typical mid 90's stuff and the Mecha design is really nice so apart from the pacing i have nothing against it. Also how can you be angry at a show when one of the main villeins is called PIZZA!!!
But i do feel that 50 episodes is to long for this show. but it will be over next week as i head in to the fourth and final week of MECHA MONTH.

In other news.
I had tickets for the showing of the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who at my local cinema. I have been a fan of Dr Who since i was a kid watching the 5th, 6th and 7th doctors on TV. 
The special episode The Day of the Doctor. was great i was not disappointed with it. It was great seeing David Tennant back as the Doctor and i really enjoyed seeing it on the BIG screen. But i was a little sad we didn't have all the doctors on screen at the same time like in the Five Doctors. which by the way is a favorite episode.  
Tho i am annoyed at myself for missing the last five minuets as i had to go to the toilet... 
Let that be a lesson to everyone.... Go to the toilet before you get your ticket and never get a Large drink.... 
But i am sure it will be repeated on BBC 3 or 4 and youtube will have the ending so i will see it.