Saturday, 30 November 2013

Week Four of Mecha Month. This is the end.

Well it's been 30 days of hardcore Metal on Metal action. It started strong and ended with an even bigger BANG. 30 days have just flown by and now i have to plan for Mecha Month 2014...

Day 23-27 Saturday-Wednesday 23-27/11.)
The final week started with the second part of GAOGAIGAR episodes 26-49 (Sorry i have spent the last few post saying it was 50 eps long.) I will say that the inter-net was right Part Two is a lot better than the first well... i should say episodes 36-49. These episodes were so good that i have forgiven the the first 6 DVDs... OK almost forgiven them. But i did enjoy these episodes. The story picked up speed and things became so epic in scale once they went into space. The biggest surprise for me was that the GaoGaiGar mech never really got an upgrade after the half way point in the show. Most shows of this type would of had the main characters mech go through a major upgrade or he would get a new more powerful mech to pilot. But this does not happen here. If anything all he gets a new back pack.... So if you have never seen it or if you have never seen it all the way through then i highly recommend that you do see it.

Day 28 Thursday 28/11.)
Now i was in the home stretch only three days left. On the 28th day of Mecha Month i watched Macross Do You Remember Love. This was a retelling of the Super Dimension Fortress Macross TV show... kind of... It's a movie set in universe. This means that if we were characters in the TV show we would of gone to see this film. It is a very interesting look at the show and most of the designs we have in the later TV/Movies that would come later took many of the design ques from this film. It is also one of the best looking animated films i have seen and if you haven't seen you NEED to. Also the music is fantastic. I know i'm reiterating myself but if your a macha fan... No... if your an anime fan.... No If your a fan of animation you should see this movie at lest once.

Day 29 Friday 29/11.)
OK this was the last day of the animated Mecha and i watched Voltron Fleet of Doom. It is the movie based off of the animated TV show Voltron Defender of the Universe. It's a team up movie of the Lion Force Voltron and the Vehicle Voltron. I have seen Voltron as many times as i have seen Transformers and i will admit even-tho i l ove Voltron the animation is not great. but there is something about watching five robotic lions coming together to form a giant robot that lets me just say "hey... i know this is bad but i don't care.."

Day 30 Saturday 30/11.)
This is it day 30 the 30/11/2013... The last day of MECHA MONTH!!!! and what better way to end the month than with watching the live action movie Pacific Rim. What can i say that hasn't been said before... Well... I love this film i put it on and i'm there i'm in the moment and i enjoy it. I enjoy watching it and pointing out where and what influenced this film. But.... but i have problems with this film. Don't get me wrong like i said i like this film. My problem is that it plays out like a clip show or  to be more precise a retelling of a 25 episode TV show but without the TV show. So you have characters come in and then we never see them again even though in the scene just before we're told how important they are. Or we;re told how good or power full the other Mechs are but we only see them in ONE fight then they are gone.... So you are a where that something is missing from the film but if this was a 25 episode TV show we would of seen all of this and i am more interested in the bits that are missing than i was with whats on screen. But what is on screen is all kinds of AWESOME!!! And everyone needs to see it and we need a sequel or a trilogy. There is so much that can be done in this universe and i can't wait to see what's next.

Well that is it Mecha month is over and i can how take a rest. believe it or not it is a tough thing to do spend every day of a month watching something it takes dedication. There were times when I couldn't be bothered or i had a bad day at work and all i wanted to do was come home and sleep... But i had a DVD to watch... So that could of been five episodes of a show or a two hour movie... heck it's hard when you have to go out and when you get back you have to give time to this one thing. Maybe i am just getting old and grouchy... Jez i'm 33 and i am all ready old and grouchy... That can't be a good thing. But this years Mecha Month is over and i have a year to get ready for next years celebration of all things MECHA! and who knows maybe some of you who read this blog will join me in taking part in MECHA MONTH!