Sunday, 29 September 2013

Eurogamer 2013

Eurogamer 2013 was EPIC and i really enjoyed my time there. The games were cool with Destiny looking amazing and may just push me over the edge and force me to buy the PS4. But apart from all the new games coming out in the next few months (...can not wait to play Batman...) I had the most fun playing the retro games. They had a whole bunch of old school consoles and some old computers from the late 1970's up to the current generation. Now don't get me wrong i know stuff like COD Ghost and Elder Scroll Online all look great and will blow us away with up to date graphics and deep and meaning full story lines but the game play is something that seems to be missing from a lot of games today compared to games on the nes and snes, even stuff like Commodore 64 and Amstrad GX4000. My god I've not seen one of those since 1990. And now i'm thinking of getting in to retro gaming.

OK so what freebies were on offer. That was a little disappointing. I did get a poster and some post cards for Destiny, a goody bag when i pre-ordered Batman Arkham Origins which came with a T-shirt a key chain and a pack of playing cards.As well as the normal amount of leaflets and stuff.
Something else that disappointed me was the lack of cosplay on display. Well hopefully next year there will be more.      

Now i know i missed a whole lot of stuff but it was my first time going to this and now i know what to expect next time. So i'm sure the 2014 eurogamer will be an even better experience for me. I was a little over whelmed but the amount of people there and the time people were spending in ques.
I will go next year, its something else i need to add to my event calendar.