Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Savior of the Universe

So i'm a little late with a new post and for that i am sorry, though i have been busy with work i should try to keep this blog thing going and on a semi-regular basis. Well that's the plan.

Ok so what's been happinging.......
To tell the truth a lot really and a lot coming up in the next few months. 
1.) I have Eurogamer at the end of the month. Really looking forward to that. I have never been to a game's con. I have been going to convention since 1995 and This will be new to me and if its ny good then i might start going every year.
2.) At the beginning of October i will be going to the Winter London Film Comic Con and at the end of October there's the Movie Comic Media Expo.
Between all that i will be working on the my Vader. More to come on that in a later post.

But it is the LFCC  that i wanted to make this post about. When i pre-ordered  my ticket i also ordered a ticket for a photo shoot with two of my childhood heroes. Flash Gordon and Voltan, Sam Jones and the legend that is Brian Blessed. This i am very excited about. So much so i went out and got this.

Think i may need to iron it.
But yeah one of my all time favorite movies. and lets face it the sound track kicks the behind of most sound tracks out today.