Sunday, 24 May 2015

London MCM Expo May 2015... Different.

This weekend 22-24/5/2015 was the weekend of the London MCM Comic Con or the London Expo as the old timers call it. I will not call it Comic Con as there hardly to no comic at this Comic Con... But as a Media, Comic and Movie Expo (...MCM Expo...) It does what it always has, it covered Games, Movies and so on. It was interesting, different but interesting. I mean the lay out of the show floor and the over crowding has always been an issue. But to the credit of the people running the convention they are trying different things and they learn from it. each year there are changes some work some don't but each convention grows and normally for the better.

This years Con was no exception i really liked the fact that they limited the number of tickets. So if you didn't have a ticket you couldn't get in or be on the premises. So congestion was not as bad as it was in years gone by. Also there was an area that had food stalls opposite the show floor... I just wish they had put all the hot Japanese food stalls in the same area. It would of freed up a little space. And may of helped with easing some of the crowd in the Excel corridor. It was looking very empty and the space just looked wasted. I should of gone in there for a hot dog or burger instead of the burger van down the road from the Excel Center.... that was not a good burger... though the chicken burger i had at the October 2014 con was really nice.... oh well next time i will try the food in the food court. But it was the lay out of the show floor that completely confused me. I am used to the ales going up and down but it felt like the first part ran left to right and then behind that they ran up and down. So trying to find stalls was not easy. Heck i couldn't find the Batmobile  till the end and it was very near the fount. Don't know how the hell i missed it!!! The map in the show guide didn't really help. But now that i've seen this on i think i should be more comfortable with the next one in October. I have nothing to complain about it was a good day and i am looking forward to watching the cosplay youtube videos online in the next couple of days. 

I was happy to see Bandai back and Tamashi nation were showing some very cool Dragon Ball Z figures. Namco were there as well and Tales Of Zestiria is looking good. I am really looking forward to playing that. Been a fan of the Tales Of games for a long time.   

I did pick up two figures a S.H. Figuarts Stormtrooper and a SD Nemesis Prime mini figure. The Stormtrooper is very cool and I must get the Darth Vader figure. I must say that the Vader looks a lot better than the Hasbro Vader. So i will be adding him to the list of things to pick up. I saw a few Gundam model kits there but were just over what i would be willing to pay.  
The cosplayer were great and i saw some amazing costumes the 501st were there as always and looking great. I was a little disappointed that none of them had the new Trooper armour from The Force Awakens. 

The day overall was good i enjoyed myself and hopefully the next one will have a few talks i would want to go to but that's in October. Till then there is the Collectormania convention in June at Milton Keynes. Not been to that one before so it should be good. If anything it is something new.