Monday, 9 November 2015

Meacha Month Week one.

Mecha Month is here everybody... 
Yes it's that time of year where we celebrate all thing GIANT ROBOT!!!
As mentioned before in an earlier posts i have gone for the more comedic Mecha anime's so things are a lot more laid back. If you remember my list for 2015 was 

 Full Metal Panic Season 001.
Martian Successor Nadesico.
Dual Parallel Trouble Adventure.

Day 1-7 Sunday to Saturday 1-7/11 
The first show was the DVD of Full Metal Panic... WHAT!!!! i hear you cry... Yes i said DVD. I know i have the Blu ray Box Set and i did try a disc and the anime looks AMAZING. But I didn't know i was going to get it at the London MCM EXPO and that it is on 3 discs so it would of thrown off my day to day break down of the month... I would of have four days and nothing to fill it with... But next year i will have to put The Second Raid on the list.  

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But getting things back on track.....
Full Metal Panic is an anime from 2002 and is based off a Light Novel. Now i don't really understand the whole Light Novel thing in Japan but i think it's very similar to the Young Adult novels here in the West. 
The show follows the adventures and or miss adventures of Sousuke Sagara a member of the anti-terrorist group called Mithril. As he is asigned to protect a young Japaneses girl call Kaname Chidori from terrorist groups who want to use the Black Technology hidden deep inside Kanames head. 
I came across this anime when i was at university back in 2002/03 when i was watching a lot of Fan Subs. ( Fan Subs were a big thing back in the very late 1990's early 2000's ) I feel in love with the Mech Designs. They were very Real Robot in nature and look like something the armies of the future would use. Also the show was funny it was light heart'd and just fun. The story moves at a fast pace and is wrapped up at the end. Though it is open enough for two more shows. I can not recommend this show enough it is a great watch and the animation is really good. I could go in to a blow by blow of the story and break each episode down but i really do want you the reader to go out and watch the show.

I know i am posting this on Monday day 9 of Mecha Month and i have said anything about day 8 but i will cover that in the net post. But as a hint...... Ok i will just come out and say it. I will be covering Dual! Parallel Adventure Trouble. Or as i like to think of it as Tenchi Muyo ripping off Evangelion. Also lets not forget i still need to work my way through that stack of Gundam kits from last year.... So still lots of fun to be had with this years Mecha Month. 
Let me know what Gunpla you are building or what Mecha anime you are watching. in the comments below or if you have any shows that i can add to my list for future Mecha Months. 
So till next time ...