Thursday, 28 January 2016

Star Treks back in the UK 2016....

So I get home from work and i'm going through my email. Nothing stands out then I get an email  titled 50 years in the making from Destination Star Trek... I opened it and it was an advert for the next Destination Star Trek convention. I didn't think anything of it until I saw it was in the UK. It had an image saying Destination Star Trek Europe and the the last con was in London, so thinking it would be in Germany or France or somewhere like that. No big deal I would have to miss it but and it is a big BUT under that it said UK Convention Announcement. What could this mean... is the next DST con going to be in London again or in one of the other major cities in the UK??? 

Ok so what does this mean for me and my line up of Con for 2016. 

London Super Comic Con 20-21 Feb
London Film and Comic Con Spring 27-28 Feb
London MCM Expo 27-29 May
 Star Wars Celebration Europe 15-17 July
London Film and Comic Con Summer 29-31 July
London MCM Expo Winter ???

Now I know i am no longer going to Hyper Japan. For the only reason that for me it has gotten worse very year and the event at the O2 was the breaking point for me and that left a space in my con calendar. So how does DST fit in. I don't know I want to go i am a massive Star Trek fan and I was looking forward to the new movie Star Trek Beyond hell i really liked the 2009 reboot movie and Into Darkness was ok not great but i still enjoyed it for the most part.... Then i saw the trailer... I did not like the trailer. I pretty much hated the trailer but i will wait till i have seen the movie before I discount it all together. And it is the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek So this is a big year for Trekkies/Trekkers... 
I think i read there was a big 50th con in Las Vegas and/or New York SO the idea of a UK convention never crossed my mind. From what i understand the UK is the third biggest consumer of Star Trek with America being 1st and Germany 2nd. I guess it would not be the first time back in 1996 it was the 30th Anniversary and there was a big convention at the Royal Albert Hall in London. So why not the 50th at the Excel Center again in London or the NEC in Birmingham. 
And yet here we are with a possible UK con i will find out on the 2nd of Feb when i think the tickets go on sale. The good thing is that it is in October so there is plenty of time to get ready for it. Here is the link to the site
Let me know what you think or if you're planning on going.