Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Star Trek and Kickstarter.

Star Trek fan film productions that have been popping up on kickstarter lately but before i get in to Kickstarter lets get a little background on my love of Star Trek first.

Star Trek one of the corner stones that my fandom has been built on. For as long as i can remember Star Trek has been apart of my life and a big part it was and has carried on being. I can still remember being a child and watching The Original Series ( TOS ) on BBC 2 and later on Sky 1 and in 1987/8 Star Trek started a new show called The Next Generation ( TNG ). Showing my age... i can still remember watching Star Trek the Motion Picture on ITV Thames while i was on a school holiday.  
And in between there have been movies and other TV shows. Though my opion is mixed on the other TV shows i have and always will be a massive TOS and TNG fan. My favorite time period is the TOS Captain Kirk, Spock and Dr McCoy nothing can beat it though TNG does come close. It was a bright future and a hopeful future. Something we all can strive for. 

I have very fond memories of going to the Star Trek Generations 2 convention back in April of 1996. It was a 3 day convention at the Royal Albert Hall in London. It was also my first Star Trek convention. Going all 3 days with my dad and even my brother came on the 3rd day. As another first it was also the first proper cosplay i had ever done. I wore a TNG costume to all three days. The uniform was an Easter gift from my parents and i still have it even after all these years.

( photo taken in 1998 but it's the earliest one i have )

Then in October 2012 there was the Star Trek Destination London convention at the London Excel center where the London Expo is held each year. 

This was a great convention but at the time i was disappointed i had hoped for a big U.S. style of convention with a lot more to see and do in between going to talks. It was also one of the few times my brother has gone to a con. But looking back i did have a good time and i have good memories of the con. I hope they have another one in the UK i will have to go to it. The last one was in Germany and i was unable to go.

I have watched Star Trek, read the novels, brought audio books, read the comic had the toys and built the models. I am a fan and not ashamed to admit it.

 I got in to fan audio and films in the early 2000's while i was studying at university. It started with Star Wars fan films and that lead me to finding Star Trek New Voyages later to become Phase 2 and Star Trek Farragut. One of the first i saw was Star Trek Hidden Frontier. I do enjoy the production that fans have made as you can see the passion and the love they have put in to it. Even when the results do not look anywhere near as good as the TV shows it was based on. But that does not matter because it is a labor of love. and over the last few years fan production have come a long long way in all areas of production. And That leads to Kickstarter...

There are currently two Kickstarters going on that are looking very interesting and do deserve support. Now i am not telling you to become backers as that is up to you and can only be decided by you. I have backed them and i just wanted to make people aware that these are in production and it is something you should keep an eye out for once they are made. Or if you want to back them then do so.

The first is 
Star Trek Ambush

This is set in the TOS time period and is a semi sequel to the classic TOS episode Balance of Terror. It is also UK based production and so far things are looking very promising and there are not many UK based fan productions and none i can think of off hand.

The second is
Star Trek Horizon

This is set in the Enterprise period so set before Kirk and crew. Enterprise was cancelled after only for seasons and it was a sham as the show was really good towards the end and was going to cover some very interesting things if it had the seasons it should of got. So it comes down to the fans and this production is looking very good.

If you can back them then please do i am sure you will not be disappointed with the end results. As for other Star Trek Kickstarters there was Star Trek Prelude to Axanar that ended at the end of March and i can not wait for that. I backed that as soon as i saw the cast... A lot of Star Trek and Battlstar Galactica actors are in it. There was also the Star Trek Renegades the follow up to the fan film Star Trek Of Gods and Men, and Star Trek Continues. Both kickstarters i missed out on backing but all were successful in getting funded and all are looking like something fans should be excited for.