Sunday, 27 April 2014

The Comic Shop post update... That had gotten a little out of hand.

This is an update to the The Comic Shops. A Trip Down Memory Lane post from 30/03/14.

I wanted to include a very pacific image i found online many many years ago ( like mid 2000/01 ) while i was looking for the Epic Heroes shop in Edgware. It was a image that made me really want to go. I went so far as to pester my mates to take a trip down there. It wasn't hard just a trip to the Forbidden Planet in London and the a little train journey to Edgware. I look back at my time at university and i have to add mite a lot of the best memories i have are our trips to the comic shops in London or to Oriental City shopping Mall in Colindale. Sadly Oriental City is now gone.
But i will remember it fondly as the pace i first got my Gundam and Patlabor and a really cool Studio Ghibli boxset on dvd... though they were bootlegs. Though i did get them in  a shop that looked just like  
WH Smiths... 
( i was young how was i to know... but know i only buy offical dvds or blurays now. )
They even had a points cards and so that was fun. For every £5 or £10 spent you would get a stamp.... and once you filled the card you got money off your next perches.They sold everything from books, magazines and dvds. While the mall had everything food courts supermarkets and so on.       

This was normilly done in the sameday. So we would attened the morning workshops or lectures then the rest of the day would be free so we would go out on adventures. Or meet up out side the university and go to London and be back in time for the afternoon workshops... Good times indeed... 

But this was ment to be just a quick post to say i found this super cool picture of this comic shop i used to go to...  and it has gotten a little out of hand so getting focused and back on track.... 

Here is the picture.

I was talking to a friend about the blog post and said i had wanted to include this picture as it was the image that made it impossible for me not to go.  
Just look at the WALL OF MECHA! 
How could i not go. I ended up picking up some of the Macross figures of toys that you can see on the top shelf. I really wanted to get the Transformers Generation One Reissue but at the time i just did not have the space to display them. 
Heck i don't have the space to display the stuff i have at the moment.
I do need to take a look at the collection and think about have a ebay cull and sell off a lot of the items that no longer mean as much as they used to. And i differently need to define my collection more that i have. But that can be a subject for a later post. 

What i might think about is doing a post about the comic shops i have been to over the years maybe try to get a few friends to write down a few thoughts and things... I don't know yet a work in progress idea for the future.