Sunday, 29 June 2014

Conventions, Birthdays and a One Year Anniversary.

It is the end of June and i guess i should do a little update post . So lets see what is coming up in the next three months.


At the beginning July there is the London Anime and Gaming Con on 05th and 06th. There is a link to the Convention website in the Convention Links page. I never been to this before and i am very tempted to go just to see what it is like. If i do go i will do an update and if it is any good then i will have to put it on the list of Cons i go to each year.

Then a week later there is the London Film and Comic Con on the 11th - 13th. Again the website link can be found in the Convention Links page. I will be going to it on the Sunday as this is when Stan Lee will be doing a talk and i have tickets to his talk and for a photo with him. I am very excited about this and i will be doing a post for this as well.... i guess there is going to be a lot of post in July.  

The following weekend will be Hyper Japan 2014. This will be on  25th - 27th. I need to go to this and this year i really need to try some of the food they have. I have attended two of these and each year i have said i want to try that because it looks so good and the smell is wonderful. But i never do and i know the prices will be high but i should try it at lest once.... This year will be different or i will just buy a few flavored        Kit Kats...  

The only other thing to happen in July is my birthday. That will be at the start of the month. So in all July has turned out to be a very busy time of year for me. Not sure if my wallet will be happy but that is what overtime at work is for...  


Not much happening in August except it will be the One Year Anniversary of the Blog on the 12th. At the time of starting this thing i had no idea how long it would last let alone considered the fact that i would be doing it for a year. So i will have to think about doing something to celebrate this occasion... It could be something on You tube or a Google+ Hangout.... I don't know but i should do something.... if you have any ideas lets me know in the comments below. I will be on holiday from the 18th so i should put some effort in to it. 


EGX London... or Eurogamer 2014. will be going on the Sunday and looking forward to seeing some new games that will be out soon. Heck hopefully it will give me a reason to play my Xbox One.

So that is it. Every thing that is coming up in the next three months as always you will be able to find all the web links in the Convention Links page and Let me if you will be going to any of these cons and if you have any ideas about the One Year Anniversary.