Sunday, 1 June 2014

London Expo and the Assassin's Fist.

Last Sunday was the 2014 May London Expo. It was good very good in fact and i would properly say it was the best Expo I've been to in a good few years. Heck i even spent some money... 
Not done that in a long time... 
But what made this one so much better.. honestly i don't know... I can complain and tell you why things were bad and need improving in past Expos but this one was just better... Still had its problems but nothing that would take away from the experiences. I was still not too happy with how the MCM team do the floor plan but things were better than the October Expo. And the queuing was so much better with the attendees entering the convention center from the side in two different doors. This was a brilliant idea and made getting in to the con a lot easier and less stressful. Though i did hear the weather on the Saturday was not as nice as the Sunday and a lot of people got court in the rain and hail.

I went to the Street Fighter Assassin's Fist ( SFAF ) panel. The Akuma actor Joey Ansah, Ken actor Christian Howard and Goken actor Akira Koieyama were there giving a talk. Me and my mate were a few minuets late but we still made it for the majority of the talk. SFAF was released the night before but i did not get a chance to watch it but my friend did and he was very very  impressed.
I have now seen it a few times now and have to say it is the best Street Fighter i have seen in a long time.

I can not wait to get this on blu ray when it comes out and i really hope they do get a chance to do more they have said during the panel that they plan to do another episodic show that would lead in to a movie. Fingers crossed they get to do this. The panel was also full of insights in to how they made the web series and general information. Afterwords they were signing autographs at the Manga Entertainment stand. I was able to get these signed.

I admit  looking back i am very disappointed that i didn't get a group photo with the actors but these are still very cool. The actor who played Akuma said to my mate that he remembers us from the panel. That was kind of cool. But all three guys were so nice and genuine people. They were true fans of the games and know there stuff. Very cool guys.

Now i need to brush up on my Street Fighter skills... 

Oh and Ryzor Blade as of right now you can't beat me easily... That would involve me putting up a fight... No you would completely and utterly destroy me... But i will train and one day when the time is right i will challenge you....

I saw a lot of cool stuff lots of toys and a load of retro video games. As always there were the usual amount of manga and comics were there but i was on a budget. I did pic up a few things.

Blu ray
Steins;Gate volume 1&2
Hellsing Ultimate parts 1&2

Xbox 360 
Dodonpachi Resurrection 
Akai Katana

I was tempted to get a few Gundam model kits but i had already took advantage of the sale at and picked up a few models to do over summer holidays or during Mecha Month this year... 

Well that was the May Expo over... Next up is the London Film and Comic Con, Hyper Japan and the London Anime Con. All this is in July... guess i need to start saving.....