Sunday, 30 November 2014

Mecha Month Week Three and Four...

So this is the The end of Mecha Month 2014 and it was good really good... but also sad. And that has had a knock on effect on this years Month... As i could not complete the month. One of the people i had worked with passed away so and a lot of things were put on hold... But this is not why your here so lets Carry on with MECHA MONTH!!!

Week Three Day
17-20 Monday-Tuesday 17-20/11.)

I spent the first half of the week watching Starfleet. This is a great hidden little gem of a show... and one that most people have never heard of. This is a show made with puppets very similar to the Supermarionation show from Gerry Anderson like Thunderbirds, Stingray and Captain Scarlet. But this show was Japanese and it was made by the Legend that is Go Nagai..... 
Yes the man behind Devil Man, Mazinga Z and Grendizer to name just a few... 
He was inspired by shows like Thunderbirds that had a massive following in japan just like the rest of the world. So he went out and made X-Bomber which was then imported to the UK as Star Fleet. 
I watched this at around the same time as another Gerry Anderson show was on TV called TerraHawks. 

TerraHawks opening

Anyway back to Star Fleet. It's a story about the crew of the Spaceship X-bomber and and the three pilots of  the Mech Dai-X. and we follow them in their adventures as they fight off an alien invasion of earth. It is we worth a watch and like i said above a real hidden gem... Also Brian May from the band Queen and  Eddie Van Halen did a cover of the theme. I have posted this link before but it is such a great little song that i need to share it with everyone....

Brian May & friends Star Fleet project

we jump a few days.

Week Four 
Day 24-29 Monday-Saturday 24-29/11.)

For the final week i went big and i mean BIG... i had just recived the Bluray of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann - Ultimate Edition this is a six disc set that has all 26 episodes and the 2 movies. This is the first time in the west the Movies have been released. If you have not seen this show then go out and watch it... it is that good. It's a homarge to classic shows like Getter Robo and is full of GUTS and IF YOU BELIEVE THEN ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE kinds of stuff in it. It feels like a 70's throwback but with modern animation and style. And the music is some of the best i have heard in a long time in an anime The opening is amazing... it grabs your attention from the start and you know everything you need to by the end of the song.

Gurren Lagann opening full

So remember "Mine is the drill that will pierce the Heavens"

Day 30 Sunday 30/11.)

So for the final day of Mecha Month 2014 i when straight to an old friend the classic Gunbuster.
This was the show that gave Gainax it's big break. i can not stress the importance of this show. so i sat down and took a look at the Gunbuster Movie its an edited down version of the 6 part OVA. And if you have not seen this again go out and watch it. it's one of those shows that every Mecha Fan needs to see. It's full of Heart and Sprite. 

So that's it for Mecha Month. I am annoyed at my self that i didn't keep my promise and make time to build those model kits i got just to build over the month.... But i guess when i do get round to building them it will give me a reason to do a post about it. And as for next years Mecha Month... i wanted to have a theme... So for the time being lets say Comedy.... 
There's a couple of shows i have that i have not watched in a few years...   

And finally the other day a little trailer came out on line... 

Can not wait till December 2015

Ok there is a lot of Youtube links in this post.... i feel so lazy. Sorry about that. i will try to do better next time.