Sunday, 16 November 2014

Mecha Month Week Two.... More Robotech.

So this is was Week two of Mecha Month. With the end of the week came the end of the Robotech Saga. And i must admit that i had forgotten most of the New Generation... I mean i was watching it and scratching my head think to myself.... 
I don't remember this happening...  and  How on earth did i miss this....
I must admit i always considered the New Generation as the weakest of the three parts. Well after all theses year i have changed my mind. It was a lot better than i remembered and i have to say it was the seconded best. Heck i even enjoyed the Shadow Chronicles and that did not get good reviews when it came out. So i will keep this post short and i will get back to the mecha goodness. 

Day 10 Monday 10/11.)

The Monday saw the last of the Robotech The Masters dvds. I enjoyed this part of the Saga the lest. It was still good and that but when i compared it to the other parts it would put it last . The why they reworked the ending with dubbing and editing leads very nicely in to the next part. I feel that this part was the most forced some of it comes down to the designs of the armour and mecha. The Hover Tank was fine and does look like it would fit in the Robotech world but the pilot armour looks like a suit of medieval armour and looks nothing like the outfits worn by any of the pilots in the rest of the Saga. and where before as a kid it never bothered me a lot of the time it would take me out of the show.... a pity but it is still a good show overall even if i am starting to see the flaws.

Day 12-14 Tuesday-Friday 12-14/11 .)

These four days was all New Generation. And i loved it mostly because i didn't remember half of it so it felt new.... 

Though this show had different designs for armour and mecha it still felt like a natural step forward and i do like the design of the Alpha Fighter... This show covers the Third Robotch War with earth being taken over by the alien Invid and it follows a small band of freedom fighters as they battle the Invid and reclaim the earth. The story was better in this part and it felt closer to the Macross Saga then The Masters did. I think this would of made a better second act with The Masters being the final act. 

Day 15 Saturday 15/11.)

So here we come to the end of the Robotech Saga. Robotech The Shadow Chronicles is straight to dvd movie that i think was supposed to be a lead in to a full show. Unfortunately that never happened. But i really like this movie. It set right after the final episode of The New Generation and introduces a new villains. Now i know this has a lot of connections with the old Robotech comics but i have never read any of the issues. I do recommend try to see it if your watching Robotech or if you have never seen it before.

Day 16 Sunday 16/11.)

Right... Ok i will admit i made i little error in coming up my list for Mecha Month.... and i am really embarrassed by this. 
I... I.... er.... 
I put Rahxephon the Movie on the list and when i went to get it i couldn't find it, i look everywhere in the dvd carry case where i keep most of my anime and the book cases's... but it's not there.... So instead i watched What ever i had to hand..... Transformers Age of Extinction. I had just got the bluray through the post on Friday so yeah i watched that.... And now i must go to and try to find a copy of Rahxephon the complete set the show and movie in one boxset.... So in an up coming Mecha Month i can put that on the list.

So that does it for Week Two of Mecha Month. Next week we will start with  Star Fleet X-Bomber...

Kick back and enjoy Brian May Rocking the Star Fleet theme.