Sunday, 11 January 2015

The Darth Vader Helmet Project.

With this post i want to give an overall idea of what i have done and what i am going to do with my Darth Vader Helmet. 
What i have planned  on one hand it's pretty simple but on the other it's probably a lot harder than i am thinking it will be.... But i have never really let that stop me in the past..... That probably explains a lot about me!!!!
But lets break this down.
Ok back in 2008 when i got my costume i started to mod the helmet. I covered the inside of the mouth vents I hated the fact that you could see my mouth. And i also changed the padding... It was giving me a rash. I also switched out the lenses so i could see... The old ones were just rubbish. I also Cut out and sewed in some lighter material into the back of the jump suit... It was to hot and i need better ventilation

now we jump to 2015

1.) Drill 3 hole in the top and so i can screw a nut and bolt to the in side of the helmet. Also add a half an inch of padding to raise the dome so it sits higher on the helmet. This will probably make the dome a permanent part of the helmet, but i can live with that. Also add new Velcro
2.) Change the lenses for better ones and add filler to the gaps.
3.) Change the tusks to something more screen accurate and pointy
4.) replace the mouth grill and vent.
5.) reshape the neck line.

6.) replace all padding 
7.) replace straps 
8.) add a fan.

And of cause clean and then repaint the whole thing in high gloss black. So that is pretty much it, i don't think most of the things i want to do will be very hard.... On a side note i want to look at to get a neck brace to finish the look. 
As long as i take my time that is. But i do need to give this a big push and at lest try to get this helmet ready for painting. Once it's ready for that i can think about the shin armour. And once that is done i can paint very thing. Oh and not to forget i still need to sand and finish the chest armour though most of that is already done it is just the small details that need to be finished. 

Let me know what you think and if you have any advice please leave a comment I would welcome any and all ideas.