Sunday, 8 March 2015

London Super Comic Con Countdown.

It's less than a week away till the London Super Comic Con and i am getting very excited. My tickets are printed and i just need to get my bag ready and then i'm all set.
I think i may have came across a little negative about last years convention in the post i did for the 2014 convention which you can read here.  London Super Comic Con.... Part TWO!!! No major complaints but what i do have is minor nit-picks....
Now i do think the cons did out way the pro but and this is a big BUT... i think the possible improvements and future potential out ways all the negatives. i have high hope for the conventions to come in the coming years...  But that is for the future. The right here and right now. i am being positive and i am going to this with the hopes of having fun and seeing some cool stuff. I am looking forward to seeing how much and what has be improved over last years con.  
This was just a very quick post as  i will be doing a more in-depth look at the con probably on the Sunday after once i had a little time to think about how the day went.