Monday, 27 April 2015

Star Wars Celebration Is Back in London.

I called it. I was right... not often the happens.
Ok i was hoping and i thought it was going to be in the UK. But i was right none the less. The next Star Wars Celebration is going to be in the UK and it's back in London at the Excel Center. Last time it was in London was in 2007. So Star Wars Celebration Europe ( SWCE ) 2016 here we come.

The first SWCE was a very good convention and i went with my farther. We had a great time and it was a very different kind of convention than the ones we have in the UK. Our ones tend to be or like large markets with talks and panels off to one side. They have started to get better and with the  Destination Star Trek cons showing us that there is more to a con than just stalls & talks and that Bandai and Namco were at the last Expo i went to i have hopes the convention scene in this country will get better and maybe fall more in line with the cons in the US. 
As soon as i heard the news that the next one was in London I book my tickets. Normally i would of just gone on the Saturday but this time i decided to attend all 3 days. Friday - Sunday 15-17. I am in two minds about this i have already brought the tickets and i am so excited and looking forward to it. But on the other hand i am not 100% about how i am going to go about doing all three days. I mean i want to go in costume of cause. I am working on my Darth Vader amour and then i have a Jedi's robes so that's fine but i need a hotel. I haven't book a hotel or need to for a very long time i look in to booking when i got my tickets but i couldn't book that far in advance not that i am to worried as i am sure i will be able to near the time. but it is playing in the back of my mind. Also i will need to try to book the two weeks off in July.... 
Ok  this is going to take a little more organizing than i am used to... But hay it's all part of the fun. All this is nit picking and can and will be sorted very quickly so no big worries and problems. Heck i have over a year to think about it... 

If you want to get tickets  for SWCE the link is here

The Jedi Master VIP tickets Sold out in 20 minutes on the first day they went up. But i am sure there will be more than enough tickets for everyone. So if you are thinking about going then i would highly recommend you do and if you are going let me know in the comments below.