Sunday, 15 May 2016

Vaders gloves and May 4th sales

Star Wars Celebration Europe is now less that two months away and i still have a lot to do. The Vader Helmet is ready for final sanding and painting. I am on holiday at the end of the month and so the plan is to get pretty much 90% done and then that will leave me a month left to finish it off. I was hoping to have more done by now but work has kept me very busy lately. and with the MCM Expo on the 28th of May my free time is getting short. i need to double my efforts. Now I know I have said that before.... Ok I keep saying it.... But now it's pretty much crunch time and if I want this ready I will have to put the work in. Also it became clear that i needed to upgrade my gloves. With there not being much time left I finally ordered Some Ep IV A New Hope gloves. These should be with me by mid-June.

As mentioned above work has kept me busy but I did make some time to see Captain America Civil War. Which was an awesome movie and is in my top 5 Marvel movies.
And then there was May the 4th. A lot of places had Star Wars sales. The Forbidden Planet had a big sale and i picked up a Super7 Shadow Trooper Super Shogun Jumbo. It was a huge saving so i had to pick it up. So now i have a two foot tall rocket firing fist black Stormtrooper. 

And from the Disney Store i picked up a Darth Maul and a Boba Fett Tsum Tsum... I will admit i have no idea what a Tsum Tsum is. But they are cute.

Anyway this is a quick update. I will hopefully be posting again when i'm on holiday and once the MCM Expo is over.